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the. permanent. way.

The last train you will ever ride.

Everyone had their reasons for getting on. Everyone had a destination in mind. A different destination, a different reason. No two people got on the train with the same goal in mind, but they have all arrived in the same place.

Welcome to The Permanent Way. This is not a normal train, and this is not a normal world.

You all have a reason to be here. But what could it be? And why does it have such an ominous name... ?

The Permanent Way is a Multi-Fandom alternate universe roleplay. Stepping away from the trends of simple alternate universe games, Permanent Way requires that your character be placed in a universe that is not his or her own. Cloud Strife as a Pokemon trainer? Osaka as a sword wielding vampire from Blood+? Edward Elric as the Litch King from World of Warcraft? Absolutely accepted here. Make your strangest AU crossovers and fusions come to life here on The Permanent Way.

Closed as of 4/4/2011.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

See you on the other side.

-The Management