Future Brainstorming!

This thread will be for discussing what major and minor plot changes we can bring to permanent_way in the next several months as we work towards revamping the comm and the game. EVERYONE'S OPINION MATTERS, COUNTS AND IS NEEDED! Please don't think that just because you might not be good at brainstorming or ideas, or that you can't contribute for whatever reason that your opinion isn't valid. IT IS. We need everyone, everyone to make this game work! Even a simple 'yes I like it' 'no I don't like it' makes all the difference in the world!

There have been a few ideas presented in the past year or so that I will put out here for discussion. Any other ideas, even small ones, are always, always appreciated and can go towards making this game grow. As the list is added to I will put them here for others to see.

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Canon update/bump/timeskip applications

Canon update/canon bump/timeskip applications are open. This is for when you want to advance a character to a point in their AU 'canon' further than their original application.

Fill out and post the application here, and then wait for a modly response. You may be accepted, or you may be asked to rework or elaborate on some part of your app.

When your canon update application is accepted, you must wait for a week before playing with the updated background. During this time the character is not on the train, but back in their AU, after disappearing from the train in a flash of light.

A character may be updated twice.

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You have a suggestion for a new event? Want to see something wacky happen on the train? Then, please, feel free to give your suggestions here!

Anon is turned on, so any lurkers that wanna see something happen can comment here too!

Thank you for your suggestions!


List of past, current and upcoming events for the game. Please comment if you have any viable suggestions for new events.


Monster on the Train Part I (Logged)
Monster on the Train Part II (Logged)
Temperature Shut Off (General Event)
Monster on the Train Part III: Final Battle (Logged)
Cosmic Pitstop (Logged)
Speed-Mingling (Logged)
Murder on the Train (Logged)
Compromising Images [Warning: NSFW Content] (Logged)
Valentines Day Roses (General Event)
Fourth Wall Event (Logged and General Event)
Your Greatest Fear (Logged)Power Drain/Normals Get Sick (General Event)


Power Cut

The Life You Never Had

Wanted characters

Post in the comments which characters you want to see played, including both the original canon and the character's name. An AU canon is completely optional.

There's nothing mandatory on this list. If a character is listed here with an AU you don't want to play from, you can play from a different AU instead. This is just a list of stuff we'd like to see.

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If there is anything you would like to bring to the mod's attention, please contact them at the following AIM handles:

Jeni: JeniOctavia
Liz: Rafflesia Sky
Caryl: StarshoneStorm
Kate: mellonemrys
Taco: fonicmelodist

Or, leave a comment on this post!



Thank you for your interest, but the train has sent everyone home!

There are a few steps to applying.

-First, fill out the app form. Make sure your character isn't taken! You can check whether the character you want to apply for is taken or being held
here. (Reservations are optional; however, if someone reserves a character, nobody else may app that character until the reserve expires.)

-Second, post the app in the comments to this post.

-Third, wait for a modly response. You may be accepted, or you may be asked to rework or elaborate on some part of your app. Very rarely will someone be outright rejected, as long as they've put some thought into the app.

Apps can take up to two weeks to process. It usually doesn't anymore, but things happen and we have several mods currently working/in school. The mods will get to them as soon as they possibly can. If you haven't heard a response in that time please, PLEASE send us another message to let us know, in case we some how missed you. Thank you for your patience in advance.

Additional Applications:

Special Privilege  - Application with additional information needed to app a Special Privilege Character. SPCs have the ability to alter the train/affect the AI of the train outside of specialized cars. SPCs need to have moderator approval BEFORE the application is sent in.
Time Skip/Canon Update - If you're looking to bump your character's canon up past the point they were apped in from.

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